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New video: so what do Futurists actually do? Futurists Andrew Musgrave, Neil Jacobson, Doug Vining, Gerd Leonhard Conversation

What do Futurists actually do? Futurists Andrew Musgrave, Neil Jacobson, Doug Vining, Gerd Leonhard – YouTube. This video features a short conversation between Andrew Musgrave, Doug Vining and Neil Jacobson of FutureWorld South Africa  and me;  we discuss what it means to be futurists, and what it does not (e.g. magic ...

Special Report with Stowe Boyd: Social TV and The Second Scree. Plus: Media Futures Collaboration with Stowe

I am happy to anounce the release of a special report that my colleague Stowe Boyd has recently written, Social TV and The Second Screen, developed cooperatively by his company 'Work Talk Research' and  The Futures Agency, as part of an ongoing series on the future of media. You can ...

Stowe Boyd on Slow Capitalism

A very good comment by my Futures Agency colleague Stowe Body: we need to reboot capitalism. Underpaid Genius • Slow Capitalism http://www.underpaidgenius.com/post/18065701516 ‘Sustainable Capitalism’ is a term dreamed up by enlightened and benign members of the 1%: an admonition by the members of the elite to the elite, saying in effect that ...

New Twitter account dedicated to conversations: @talktogerd

Many of you may be following my various Twitter streams such as @gleonhard (my main and most popular channel, usually delivers short comments on what I read elsewhere, always-a-link-concept), @futuresagency (my company's account, with news, updates and retweets from our partners and speakers), @dailywisdoms (the name says it all), @futurefeed ...

Meet me in Geneva on October 26th: Visions of a Networked Future at ITU Telecom World

This ITU’s Quickfire Storytelling session brings together some of the world’s leading futurists to share bold ideas and conflicting predictions of how the world might look in 10 years’ time.  -> October 26, 2011, Palexpo, Geneva, starting 16h, Storytelling Session #2 F17 The adoption of connected technologies ...


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