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New speaking topic: digital transformation in telecommunications and ICT

As some of you may know, I have always done quite a bit of work in telecom, mobile and ICT but am now getting a lot more requests for speeches, seminars and advisory sessions on this topic. I reckon this is partly because of some recent developments such as Facebook/WhatsApp, ...

Slides from my keynotes at CA Technology Expo in Sydney, and IT Leaders events in Brisbane, Canberra, Perth: the future of business and technology. New: VIDEO from Sydney

I’m currently on tour in Australia doing several events with CA technologies (Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra *tomorrow, and Perth). We are getting a lot of requests for the slides I presented in Sydney, so… here they are! Thanks to CA technologies for bringing me down-under again; I always enjoy coming to Australia. Dropbox 7.5 MB ...

Meet me in Montreal on September 11, 2014, at RDV_Media event: L’ÉVÉNEMENT INCONTOURNABLE DE L’INDUSTRIE DES MÉDIAS

RDV_Média  (yes, this is a french-language event) Tranformations: des médias en profonds changements Données, contenu de marque, technologies, nouveaux consommateurs, modèles émergents : les changements auxquels fait face l’industrie sont nombreux et complexes, poussant annonceurs, agences et médias vers une transformation majeure qui va s’accélérer dans les prochaines années. Comment faire face à ...

The 2nd episode of The Future Show is now available: the future of knowledge and learning

Today I am delighted to present episode #2 of The Future Show with Gerd Leonhard. The first episode on ‘privacy failure’ already gathered over 70.000 clicks! If you like this one, please do share it as widely as possible. Thanks! A big thank you once again to my producer Shaheera Asante De Waele In ...

My latest guest post on CNN.com: on wearable tech vs privacy, and: why Google Glass has a nude beach problem

In context with the launch of TheFutureShow and the first episode on what I call privacy failure, my latest guest post on CNN just went live. Here are some snippets: Imagine a world where computing becomes invisible, like your thoughts. A world where the interface between our senses, our minds and ...

WTDC ITU Executive Strategic Dialog in Dubai, today: here are my keynote slides (future of sustainable broadband)

As promised, here are my slides from today’s ITU event in Dubai Telecom ICT Internet Futures Sustainable Dev Futurist Gerd ITU WTDC14 Public-web (low res 3.5 MB PDF)   or via Owncloud High res PDF 12MB via Dropbox  Low res PDF via Dropbox Download the event’s PDF (context)   As usual, here are some best-of themes from ...

Short video: understanding exponentiality in a digital society (Futurist Gerd Leonhard)

Understanding exponentiality in a digital society: Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard explains – YouTube.  

Nielsen releases study that proves causal relationship between Twitter and TV ratings – Lost Remote

Nielsen has just released a major study for the social TV world. The study “proves there is a causal relationship between Twitter conversation and TV ratings — the volume of Tweets influences the number of TV viewers,” as described by Twitter’s communications team referencing Nielsen’s big announcement. Source:http://lostremote.com/breaking-nielsen-releases-study-that-proves-casual-relationship-between-twitter-and-tv-ratings_b38426

Some of my key memes, images (feel free to reuse as you like, with reference:)

Gerd Leonhard’s Memes, a set on Flickr. that I keep coming back to

I just rediscovered this video, back from 2009 but still relevant: The Future of Content & Creativity: Gerd Leonhard Futurist Speaker at RSA London (4/2009)

This is the video of my speech I held at the RSA as part of an event on April 8 2009, entitled “New Media Futures: what next for content and creativity” Topics: The internet is radically disrupting most of the traditional content distribution and selling models, starting with music and ...


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