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Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Open letter to the Partnership on AI (take 2)

When machines have an IQ of 50,000, what happens to human values and ethics? By Gerd Leonhard  Futurist , Author Technology vs Humanity The partnership on AI has just announced some new members and a board of trustees, and Apple has finally joined Facebook, Google / Deep Mind, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft. This development has ...

Google’s Sergey Brin on EU privacy laws “There’s a lot of vagueness there” (via Recode)

via Top 20 Code Conference Quotes | Re/code.  Pic below also via Recode. Thanks!

Hilarious fake Google Products (via PSFK)

These really hit the sweet spot I think…. read more at PSFK

Google, Facebook and other tech companies race to develop artificial intelligence – San Jose Mercury News

Google, Facebook and other tech companies race to develop artificial intelligence – San Jose Mercury News. This is a crucial topic. Read and think.

Videos, comments on Information that moves with you (new Google Moto360 watch): Big Data + NUI + LBS + AI

Read Android Wear: Information that moves with you – YouTube. Very interesting videos, indeed. All looks very useful and seriously convenient for consumers, but imagine if smart and always-on devices like this become as common as car navigation, or indeed as mobile phones. Indispensable, addictive, self-learning (eventually)-  they will indeed become an ...

▶ Google Keep video via YouTube: a cool tool – but make Google the central depository of my life…? DataMYning is near, imho

via ▶ Google Keep – YouTube. This could indeed be very helpful – but OUTSOURCING MY BRAIN TO GOOGLE?  Is that really a good idea?  Imho, unless I am the owner of that data, 100%, and in charge of where it goes, I’d rather not have this all concentrated with one ...

10 diabolical businesses Google could launch (Via Steve Faktor and Linkedin)

Good read – makes you think about how technology needs to connect to ethics… Employment & Credit Screening. Great companies start with great people. But what if your candidate has a drug problem, weird fetish, or massive gun collection? Almost every person on the planet has typed their deepest darkest secrets ...

Great piece on QZ.com: Google screenless computing, voice-control, future of interfaces

Read the full piece on QZ.com and then think about the implications of this … it boggles the mind.  If this cool MotoX phone has a mic that is ‘always listening’ then I, personally, wouldn’t feel save about having it around – much like the web camera on my Samsung ...

Infographic: Google’s spectacular rise to $10 billion in yearly profits

Google’s spectacular rise to $10 billion in yearly profits – Smarter Investing.


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