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Why Higher Education Cannot Resist Disruptive Change (something interesting I just read)

“This brings us to the future of higher education. Its situation is much the same as that of the news media. Content, often of high quality, can be produced by a multiplicity of knowledge organizations, including libraries, museums, software makers, think tanks, and media companies, among others. Talent (professors and ...

Digital Darwinism: Transforming a Business in The Selfie Era (nice piece by Brian Solis, great free report)

Brian Solis: To help understand what digital transformation is as well as its promise, I spent the last year along with my colleagues at Altimeter Group interviewing those who are leading change at some of the biggest companies in the world. Most recently, we also fielded a survey to capture the true state ...

Knowledge Doubling Every 12 Months, Soon to be Every 12 Hours (some pretty amazing stats via IndustryTap)

Some pretty amazing stats here (even though this is from 2013:) Buckminster Fuller created the “Knowledge Doubling Curve”; he noticed that until 1900 human knowledge doubled approximately every century. By the end of World War II knowledge was doubling every 25 years. Today things are not as simple as different types ...

Jeffrey Bezos, Washington Post’s next owner, aims for a new ‘golden era’ at the newspaper (Gerd’s must-reads)

“We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient,” he said. “If you replace ‘customer’ with ‘reader,’ that approach, that point of view, can be successful at The Post, too” Jeffrey Bezos, ...

The robot apocalypse will look a lot like this game (a good-read shared by Gerd)

“How can you not be freaked out by the real, tangible progress in robotics from DARPA and Boston Dynamics?” Hattem asks. “Imagine all the crazy behind-closed-doors stuff that doesn’t make it onto YouTube.” The robot apocalypse will look a lot like this game via Instapaper http://ift.tt/1lUOphh

After Aereo, what’s next for Internet TV? (a good-read shared by Gerd)

“While the content on the major broadcast networks is very important for some people, it’s not important for everyone,” Niemeyer said. “So it’s a dent, but I don’t think it’s going to significantly change the trends.”” After Aereo, what’s next for Internet TV? via Instapaper http://ift.tt/1jlJL7S

ProtonMail Is A Swiss Secure Mail Provider That Won’t Give You Up To The NSA | TechCrunch (a good-read shared by Gerd)

“One of our goals is actually to build a system that does not require trusting us,” he said. “We’ve taken the first step with our zero access architecture which means we cannot actually read any of our users’ encrypted messages. When the code base becomes more mature, we also plan ...

US Report Projects High Toll on Economy From Global Warming (via the NYT): Ego-to-Eco shift is finally happening?

Interesting to see that now that Global Warming (or rather, its consequences) has become a serious business issue, everyone is much more open to discussing it…? If greenhouse gas emissions continue at a rapid pace, the report said, the global sea level could increase roughly a foot by 2050, and double ...

New project aims to upload a honey bee’s brain into a flying insectobot by 2015 (a good-read shared by Gerd)

“Every once in a while, there’s news which reminds us that we’re living in the age of accelerating change. This is one of those times: A new project has been announced in which scientists at the Universities of Sheffield and Sussex are hoping to create the first accurate computer simulation ...

Design to Disrupt: Four visionaries (a good-read shared by Gerd)

“Gerd Leonhard  (Download his slides.) Thinking out of the box is extremely different when you have been crammed into the box in the first place. According to Gerd Leonhard we are all about to experience what internet has done to the music industry. This should not be surprising, because ongoing medialization is ...


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