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Great video about social media #hellven: Prince EA: Can we auto-correct humanity ?

via Buzzfeed American rapper Prince Ea’s latest video, “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?”, about the damaging effect of social media on human interaction, has gone viral on Facebook. More about my #hellven meme

Video and slides: my presentation from today's CEO Clubs Greece event in Athens: digital transformation, and the future of Europe and… Greece

Great event here in Athens today! Really amazing to see that much optimism and openness despite all the really tough issues, here in Greece, right now. Link to event details (PDF) Update: here’s the video This is the key slide I just added, in retrospect:) Athens CEO Clubs Greece Gerd Leonhard Public nP-web 6MB ...

TFA presents #7: the future of work and jobs. A conversation with futurists Rohit Talwar, Simon Torrance, Gerd Leonhard

This seventh episode of ‘TFA presents’ features futurists Simon Torrance, Rohit Talwar and Gerd Leonhard talking about the future of work, jobs, employment, HR and training. Shot in London January 28th, 2015. Special thanks also to Claire at http://www.cmjvideo.com/

Good example of how obsession with our mobile devices may cause us to miss out on the best things in life…

… the picture pretty much says it all:) A sign of the times. #canon_photos A photo posted by Eric J. Smith (@esmith_images) on Feb 2, 2015 at 11:03pm PST

Inc. magazine lists me as one of the top 30 Internet of Things 'experts'…

Inc magazine and John Rampton just published a list of the top 30 Internet of Things experts; and I am delighted to be included along with Scoble, David Poque, Chris Pirillo and Guy Kawasaki. I am not so sure that being an ‘expert’ is all that desirable, really, but hey… it’s ...

▶ Watch this clip about the #PrivacyProject – amazing how little most people know about what their mobiles do with their data

via ▶ #PrivacyProject – YouTube. Watch TheFutureShow episode on privacy Some related images

Gerd Leonhard latest finds, resources and inspirations: Newsletter # 6 / 2015

FIRST Last week, I wrote a new piece for CNN Money on the consequences of over-connectivity. I would love your take and feedback on my key message: “It’s no longer just about connecting people. It’s also about what happens once they are connected” Ten Tech Trends to Watch in Africa – via the World ...

Update: audio recording and slides: presentation at Societe de Lecture in Geneva: private versus public – what is the future?

This was a fun event!  I spoke about the future of privacy in a digital world and also on how all of this will impact the future of Switzerland (incl. banking and what I call ‘Swiss Data‘. 63 MB3 recording of my talk (Dropbox)  or OwnCloud version (high res MP3, low-res below) A ...

Great Video on what I call digital obesity: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? – YouTube (Prince Ea)

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? – YouTube. Thanks to Jonathan Marks for sharing this. Read my post on Digital Obesity.

The future of connectivity, big data and consumer rights: my slides from the ACCAN ‘connecting today’s consumer’ conference in Sydney

From today’s ACCAN event Direct download: The Future of Connectivity Big Data Consumer Rights Gerd Leonhard Futurist Speaker PUBLIC-web  PDF 9 MB Low res 9MB PDF on Dropbox  Low res via OwnCloud High res 42MB PDF on Dropbox Every consumer wants to be connected and enjoy the benefits of competitive products and prices, but ...


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