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TFA presents #7: the future of work and jobs. A conversation with futurists Rohit Talwar, Simon Torrance, Gerd Leonhard

This seventh episode of ‘TFA presents’ features futurists Simon Torrance, Rohit Talwar and Gerd Leonhard talking about the future of work, jobs, employment, HR and training. Shot in London January 28th, 2015. Special thanks also to Claire at http://www.cmjvideo.com/

▶2 short BBC Interviews on the Future of Television (Futurist Gerd on YouTube)

▶ Gerd Leonhard BBC Interview on the Future of Television – YouTube. These clips were recorded in NY in 2012. Thanks to the BBC for making this available.  

PDFs and resources from today’s webinar on The Future of Television (with Stowe Boyd)

In case you missed our webinar on SocialTV and the Future of Television, today (shame on you;): the video will go live in a few hours (assuming the recording actually worked) on my Youtube Webinars playlist. And here are the slides we used (creative commons non-commercial, attribution licensed, as usual): Gerd, ...

My most popular video on Youtube: Music Like Water (Ericsson 2020 Shaping Ideas)

Check it out.  Thanks to Ericsson for the nice production work. See more videos at http://www.ericsson.com/campaign/20about2020/. "Music used to be a product that we bought piece by piece. Now it is becoming a public utility, says media futurist Gerd Leonhard, who argues that we will soon be constantly connected to ...

The future is already here: Samsung introduces gesture, voice controlled TV

Pretty amazing stuff. Next stop: Telemedia Related articles Gerd Leonhard: New video: My Keynote on Broadband Futures (from the future with high-speed broadband conference in Auckland) (mediafuturist.com) Gerd Leonhard: The Future of Business, shared by @gleonhard – Here's a few screenshots from various… (mediafuturist.com)

Midem 2012: Understanding Marketing in a Networked Society (video)

This video just went live on the MIDEM Youtube channel, see the panel description here "We now live in a digital society, networked, mobile, social and always-on. In this super-noisy, decentralised world of constant self-broadcasting, liking, sharing and networking, how will an artist, a manager, a label or ...

Future of Broadband: TeleMedia Ecosystems (from the Auckland NZ conference)

I just finished my presentation at the Future of Broadband conference here in Auckland, New Zealand, and sure enough, someone from TechToday(NZ) has already reviewed and summarized some of it, see below.  I will make the video available as soon as I have it, on my Youtube channel. The slides I ...

Cool IT leader board. Google is the leader:)

Via Greenpeace Blogs - note: Google is the leader:) www.twitter.com/gleonhard i.mediafuturist.com for mobile updates Related articles (via MediaFuturist: Seth Godin on 2012: 2 must-watch videos. The… (futureof.biz) New Video: Zukunft der Medien / Future of Media (MediaFutureDay TPC Switzerland – in German) (mediafuturist.com) Gerd Leonhard: The Future of Business, shared by @gleonhard – Here's a few screenshots ...

New Video: Zukunft der Medien / Future of Media (MediaFutureDay TPC Switzerland – in German)

Please note: this video is in GERMAN language. It's the entire closing keynote of Future Media Day at TPC in Zurich, Switzerland, on January 24, 2012 see http://emedia.tpcag.ch/?page_id=162 Topics: the future of TV, social TV, OTT & mobile TV, future of content, advertising and content consumption. ...

Nice portuguese summary of my work: video by RodaViva / TVCultura Brazil

I had the great pleasure of being a guest at the RodaViva TV-show in Brazil in 2o10, and they just published a nice summary of it, a few weeks ago. The full 77 minutes can be watched here. This clip is only about 2 minutes long so if you speak Portuguese ...


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