NewMusicBox: Interview with Gerd Leonhard: One for the Money, Two for the Show: Gerd Leonhard and Music 2.0

A pretty good and deep interview with me is here, thanks to Molly Sheridan.
Her are some juicy bits:

About that good old ‘Music Like Water’ analogy
Basically what "music like water" means is that music becomes a service
rather than a product, and it’s something that everybody has—like
electricity and like an internet connection, eventually. The internet
is becoming a way that we can get music in a way that doesn’t feel like
we’re buying individual copies. What we have to get used to is that the
music in this pipeline flows freely, which means that there is a charge
for the pipeline, but it’s bundled. You know, we don’t perceive it to
be an actual product thing, like a CD or individual download. So
imagine basically a pipeline of music into your PC, into your mobile,
your TV, that is just part of the deal. And then, just like water, if
you consume more, if you fill up your swimming pool every day, if you
want premium products, you pay extra.
So it’s the very idea of
providing music as a service rather than a product…"

About Control
In the old way of doing things in the music business, there were
essentially artists who were under the control of the middlemen—the
labels, the publishers, societies, and so on—and the users, who were
under the control of retailers and the media. And now because of the
internet that whole thing is completely falling apart. So both the
artists and the users are becoming empowered to such a degree that the
middlemen are suffering from the consequence of course, and in some
cases they’re benefiting
. But they have to re-think their models. No
longer do they have the authority or the ability to completely control
the environment. This is actually a very good thing—even for them it’s
a good thing—but in terms of paradigm, the music industry is severely
worried that the loss of control will basically kill their profits.

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