Online Ad Spending Will Keep Growing says eMarketer (and I agree)

This makes for a good read: Online Ad Spending Will Keep Growing – eMarketer.  Ok, so, of course eMarketer would say this – but it still makes a lot of sense to me, as Internet Marketing sure beats many other marketing activities both in terms of conversion as well as trackability and measurement.  Here is more from eMarketer:

    "Marketers should rightly ask, “What is behind the bullish projections for online ad spending, especially when most traditional media are taking the financial equivalent of body blows?”  The seven reasons are as follows:

1. The Internet is inherently more measurable and accountable than are traditional channels. 2. The Internet allows for better, more-granular targeting than do other forms of media. That reduces media waste and can save marketing dollars.  3. The Internet is interactive, thereby allowing for a higher degree of engagement with consumer and business prospects and customers. 4. Particularly among younger consumers, the Internet is accounting for a larger and larger share of total media time; numerous studies demonstrate that teens, millenials and other younger cohorts are spending more time online per week than they are watching television.  5. The Internet plays into the consumer-in-control movement and therefore provides new opportunities for marketers to be a part of their conversations about interests, attitudes, shopping plans and even brands  6. New Web 2.0 phenomena such as blogs, social networks and Twitter provide marketers with the potential to gain rich insights into consumer behavior and attitudes (the Internet is like a perpetual focus group on steroids).  7. The Internet, unlike any other medium or channel, allows marketers to reach prospects throughout the entire consumer buying cycle, from initial awareness through pre-information-gathering to sales and post-sale feedback and support"

Note the keywords: Conversation. Targeting. Interactivity. Consumer-in-Control. Insights. Maybe now is a good time to invest in this turf.


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