Chris Anderson on “Free”: Crap is in the eye of the beholder, scarcity and abundance side by side

Chris Anderson published an interesting excerpt from his upcoming new book "Free" in the recent edition of Wired Magazine. If you are in the Content / Media Business, this is indeed a must-read (the book, as well as this excerpt). Here are the nuggets I found (quoted from Chris / Wired) – I couldn't have said it better myself! The [links] are added by me, though.

  • "The most important thing is relevance. We'll always choose a
    "low-quality" video of something we actually want over a "high-quality"
    video of something we don't" [comment: watch this video where I speak about Context and Content = Kings]
  • "What this boils down to is the difference between abundance– and
    scarcity-based business models. If you're controlling a scarce
    resource, like the prime-time broadcast schedule, you have to be
    discriminating. There are real costs associated with those half-hour
    chunks of network time, and the penalty for failing to reach tens of
    millions of viewers with them is calculated in red ink and lost
    careers… But if you're tapping into an abundant resource, you can afford to
    take chances, since the cost of failure is so low. Nobody gets fired
    when your YouTube video is viewed only by your mom"

  • "Sound schizophrenic? That's the nature of the hybrid world we're
    entering, where scarcity and abundance exist side by side. We're good
    at scarcity thinking—it's the 20th-century organizational model. Now we
    have to get good at abundance thinking, too" [comment: yes, indeed, there's no cookbook, yet!]

Chris Anderson on Scarcity and Abundance

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