Pre-Web Content Economics vs Web-Native Content Economics

I’ll make this brief since I am at the NRT lounge going back to ZRH in an hour. Here are some of the key trends for the immediate Future of the Content Industries that I wanted to share with you.

Pre-Web Content Economics: Consumers. Scarcity. Centralized. Computer = Internet Access. Professionals only. Everyone watching the same thing. Friction generates a nice flow of $. Total Control is crucial. EGOsystems. Content is King. Exclusive Copyright. Content Monopolies, Rights Cartels and Oligopolies. Enforcement. Push. The large Networks rule. Walled Gardens bear fruit. Near-time Web & Database Search. Marketing = Monologs: Listen to Me. Consumers trusting Companies. Advertising = Interruption. Privacy = ‘On’ by Default. Mass-Media Rules. Broadcasting. All stuff is on my Machine. Pay Cash or Leave. Free = Bad. Distribution = Power. Power = Money.

Web-Native Content Economics: Users & Followers. Abundance creates new Scarcities… of Attention. Everything is decentralized. Mobile = default Internet Access. Professionals, prosumers, usators, users… all at the same time. Utter Fragmentation. Friction is Fiction. Trust is crucial (i.e. Money). ECOsystems & Interdependence. ConTEXT is King. New Usage Rights & Ubiquitous Licensing. Open Content Platforms. Engagement. Pull & Attraction Economy. Networked not Networks. Walled gardens wither. Real-time Web & Social Search.  Marketing = Conversations: Listen to each other, then talk. Trusting People Like Me. Advertising= Engagement. Privacy = ‘On’ is an action I must take. Mass-Niches Rule. Narrowcasting. All my stuff is in the Cloud. Pay with Attention (and Cash). Freemium=Good. Influence = Power. Power = Money – and many other kinds of rewards.

Crucial shift in content goes web native sell conTEXT gerd leonhard

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