The Future of Content in 140 Characters: Music=404, Ctrl=MiA, TeleMedia>6Y and GWHTLC !

Picture 29 Today, Jeff Pulver's 140 Character conference in London presented a whole new challenge to me: make a presentation on "The Future of Content" with less than 140 characters i.e. in true twitter style (at least as far as the headlines and bullets are concerned), and deliver it in 10 minutes. At least, that is the challenge I prescribed to myself – and those are usually the hardest.  Talk about a tall mission: here are those 140 characters – see if you can make any sense of it. My own, personal favorite: the music is 404 (page not found). And GWHTLC (glad we had this little chat;)

0s1s:atw Music=404 :Cloud>$ Hybrid$ TeleMedia>6Y OpenAMAP WWGD New$$$$ Packgng Filtr=BF o4u T+ GWHTLC

The Music Industry is 404 - page not found

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