Inspiring example: Making The Economist social (via Social Media today)

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I found this snippet on and it's clearly a trend we are going to see everywhere, in 2010: companies as well as individuals and organizations will put social media on the forefront of their 'marketing' efforts.

"The FT says that Economist publisher Ben Edwards hopes that Facebook will help his site acquire new readers and develop a "deeper level of engagement" with existing ones.

[…] "We have a mission online of being the foremost destination for global discussion and debate, which is a social proposition," Mr Edwards told the Financial Times. Making more social is "the core of our strategy", he said.

[…] About 180,000 people have joined its official "fan page" on Facebook. A marketing budget of "tens of thousands of pounds" will be allocated to help boost those figures to meet its targets.

[…] The Economist will also be "a lot more active" on Twitter, which will be a "full-time job", Mr Edwards said. "That shows the importance we place on it as a source of traffic," he said.


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