Meet me at the INMA World Congress in NY (April 27): Keynote on how to monetize content in the next 3 years

10WC_NewYorkHeadI am delighted to have been invited to hold a keynote at the International Newsmedia Marketing Association (INMA) prestigious World Congress in New York City, on April 26-28, 2010.

Here is what I will talk about (Tues, April 27, 9am):  The Future of News, Publishing, and Media: How to Monetize Content In the Next 3 Years. "The challenge of how to monetize content in a digitally networked and
always-on world is growing more severe by the minute, driven by
constant advances in technology, smarter devices and faster
connectivity, as well as by drastic changes in consumer behavior,
worldwide. Can those analog dollars be converted to a much larger
number of digital quarters and dimes? Where will those next-generation
revenue streams come from, and how can you fast-track them? Can and
should copies be controlled, online, and if not, how do you “compete
with free
”? How can “selling access to copies” be turned into real
, not just page-views and social media buzz? What is the role of
advertising, mobile device makers, the ISPs, telecoms and mobile
network operators, and how will publishers position themselves in this
new “telemedia” ecosystem?" Hope to see you there!

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