MidemNet Academy video: “The new generatives: selling music in a connected world”

Picture 22This nice-quality video was filmed on 10 am Sunday morning (ouch), January 24, 2010, at the annual Midem music conference, where I was giving a lecture on how I think record labels, publishers and artists can make money with music on the Internet, going forward. The slideshow was previously published here, but has been embedded below again, as well, so that you can click along with the video if you want. I really enjoyed the more intimate environment of the MidemNet Academy even though it meant that a lot of people that wanted to get in had to be turned away; maybe we can find a compromise for this, next year (150 people would be a good number of seats for this kind of thing, imho).  This video is 55 minutes long and really packs in a ton of great “Music 2.0” stuff that I have accumulated throughout the year, so… dive in! 

I will try to add this video to my YouTube channel as well but the 10-minute maximum rule really makes this a royal pain, so for now it’s only available on my Blip.tv channel (you can subscribe to the free iTunes feed, here, in order to download all of my videos automatically) and as an audio-only version on my free iPhone and Android apps. Enjoy – and spread the word (use the options at the bottom of this post)

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