Social Media and the Future of Football (Slideshow)

Picture 16 This slide-show is the public version of a presentation I gave for the pan-European football association yesterday, in Cyprus. Football (and most other sports businesses) needs to embrace the web as a platform for going directly to their target markets – in parallel to their traditional broadcasting deals – and help the players connect with their fans and followers, in every aspect of the game, and its production, marketing and distribution. It's no longer just The Networks that matter – it's also The Networked – and guess which one is shrinking in size, viewership and future relevance?

Mobile, social, real-time is where it's going; control fades as the top concern while trust becomes tantamount. Who owns the relationship with the fan and user fka 'the consumer' – the broadcaster or the football club…or the players, themselves? TV is completely converging with the Internet, and a lot of branding and advertising funds will shift towards digital, social, video and interactive in the next 2-3 years -so what does this mean for a the football ecosystem? Where is the new money? Why is selling the experience – in any and all its shapes, including augmented / virtual reality – more important than controlling the flow of 'copies' and raw content on the web? How to protect a club's intellectual property, content and media?

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