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Gerd Leonhard at Cebot Berno Bluff I offer a wide variety of services to my clients, worldwide; both individually as well as with my Partners at The Futures Agency (TFA) and with the Enablers Network led by Didier Marlier.

  1. Contributions to panel discussions, round-tables, talk-shows, TV and Radio programs etc
  2. Keynote speeches, presentations, talks and interventions (30-90 minutes)
  3. Think-Tank events, workshops and seminars (3-6 hours, or up to 2 days), usually with one or more TFA Partners
  4. Company retreats and Executive training events (2-3 days), usually with 3 or more Associates
  5. CEO, Board of Directors or other Executive coaching and advisory sessions
  6. Advisory board participation (*currently not accepting new missions)
  7. Futurist-in-Residence engagements (i.e. a preferred relationship that slots 3-6 days per month, for a period of at least 12 months)

Please inquire for my rates and availability.

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