My presentation at Internet World in Munich, today: Zukunft des eCommerce und Marketing (in German)

Picture 2 I don't post German-language stuff very often but a lot of people have asked me to make this available soonest, so here is the presentation from today's Internet World 2010 in Munich, Germany, today, on the Future of Retail, eCommerce, Marketing and Advertising (please note: this is in GERMAN language, only; for similar presentations in English please browse my other slideshows)

  • Presentation: The Future of Communications and Social Media (NBS Sao Paulo) (
  • The Price of Free – Reinventing the Online Economy, now in Greek! (
  • The Mobility Revolution and the Power of Social Media (Gerd Leonhard at ACTE09 in Prague) (
  • Gerd Leonhard: The Future of Books – Creating New Value from Reading (
  • My presentation on "Content 2.0 – Monetization Examples" at MidemNet 2010 (
  • Gerd Leonhard and French Politician Yacques Toubon debate the 'Future of Content' (
  • My MidemNet Academy Presentation: beyond the noise – how to use social media to market music (
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