Friction is Fiction: the Future of Media & Business (my presentation at Next10 Berlin)

Next10 was  nice event; lot's of good conversations there. In the morning (May 11, 2010), I gave a presentation on the topic of my last book, "Friction is Fiction". You can download the book's PDF via Lulu (for $3.99) or buy the newly updated black & white dead tree version for a smashing $19.99), and if you really are adverse to spending anything you can ask me for a free, low-res version of the book (via Twitter is best). Friction is Fiction explains how before the Internet (and mobile) it was possible to generate revenues by essentially forcing the users to pay, i.e. via scarcity, distribution hurdles, dominance. This no longer works (at least, in most cases) – Liquidity is what is needed, Trust replaces Control and the winners are lubricating the digital economy.  Check out this slideshow – and please share it widely!

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