TeleMedia Futures: both my presentations -and video- from Management World 2010 / TM Forum in Nice

Picture 15 Updated: VIDEO below. here are the PDFs (creative commons non-commercial / attribution- licensed, as always) of my TM Forum  / Management World 2010 Executive Roundtable presentations, as promised at the session in Nice on May 18, 2010:  
Download PDF of TM Forum Exec Roundtable Public Gerd Leonhard 15 MB

Download: May 17 TMForum Board Presentation: TeleMedia Futures Public Low Res 5 MB PDF

TeleMedia Futures: Gerd Leonhard Talk at TMForum Nice 2010

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Updated again: here is a low-tech video of the Executive Roundtable presentation (just my talk, nothing else). It's kind of home-made using a Kodak ZI8 (thanks to Jeffrey Hayzlett, Kodak's amazing CMO) but still offers good value I think.

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