Complete video and audio from my appearance on Roda Viva / TV Cultura (Brazil), April 2010

Roda viva pensador gerd leonhard This is the complete, 75-minute video of my appearance on Brazil’s most popular talk show on Public TV, called Roda Viva (on the TV Cultura channel). I was delighted to be invited to the show, and really enjoyed being ‘grilled’ by the super-smart journalists and Brazilian media experts in the studio. We could have talked forever! The show was originally broadcast on April 26 (on Brazilian TV as well as online, see the Twitter buzz here) but unfortunately the webcast did not work very well so this is the first time I have seen the video, myself, and thanks to Roda Viva / TV Cultura I am delighted to be able to share this recording with you, as well.

More information about the show is here. Duda Groisman made some gPicture 84reat photos during the recording of this show, embedded below. Related activities on this trip include: my presentation for NBS Brazil “The Future of Communications and Business”, and my presentation at Fundacao  Dom Cabral (one of Brazil’s best business schools) on “The Open Network Economy“. Please note: the video is half Portuguese (the questions) and half English (my replies)

Here is a 9-minute version via Youtube (their 10-minute limit really bugs me!)


Gerd Leonhard Roda Viva TVCultura Brazil

Gerd Leonhard Roda Viva No Intro

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