RodaViva Video, Part 2: from buying copies to bundling access

Gerd Roda Viva Flickr TVCultura I just uploaded another 8-minute chunk of video from my appearance on the Brazilian RodaViva TV Show, on my Youtube channel. Some excerpts: we are transitioning from buying copies to buying access. Google just maybe the first company that actually wants to build and maintain a win-win-win ecosystem – to achieve that they have to solve some very hard and first-time-ever problems, on the way (such as, you guessed it, privacy and the mushrooming debate over data security and permission). Governments around the world all have one common goal: get everyone online, and mobile, as soon as possible – because it increases GDP.
But in many developing countries, more telecom competition is needed to increase the speed of the roll-out. The bottom line for Content 2.0: it's better to get everyone to pay for legal content a much lower price, or use bundled services, then to have very few people consume protected content at high prices.

You can watch (and download) the whole 75-minute thing, here.

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