The Future of Media: Presentation at Estacio de Sa / Telezoom event in Rio de Janeiro

Wow – this was a marathon presentation on The Future of Media, in Rio de Janeiro, today (pictures  of me at Corcovado to follow ;); 2 hours + on pretty much any topic related to the Future of Media: access versus ownership, egosystem to ecosystem, control vs trust, content flat rates, advertising 2.0, privacy, data is the new oil… and much more. There is a lot of good stuff in here, if I may say so myself;) Hopefully you'll agree. We will probably have a video available soon, as well, so… stay tuned.  If you are interested in what else I have been doing in Brazil, more talks and videos are here (in particular the Roda Viva video). You can download the PDF via slideshare, below, or just use this low-res PDF version:
Download Future of Media Estacio Rio Public LOW
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