The Future of Business in the Open Economy (video of my presentation at the Fundacao Dom Cabral, Brazil)

FDC better logo This is a rather lengthy (but worth it, I hope:) 90 minute+ video of my June 23, 2010 presentation on "New Insights: The
Future of Business – trends, future scenarios and key insights" at the
Fundacao Dom Cabral (FDC) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The PDF with the slides can be downloaded via this link (30MB PDF); as usual all material is
creative-commons-licensed (attribution required / non-commercial). Topics include: broadband culture and mobility, social media, the link
economy, the culture of participation, open economy paradigms, cloud
computing futures, the network vs the networked, selling 2.0, privacy
and much more.  You can download the FDC's STC program description here.

Here is the official event description: "The pace of change is
constantly accelerating, everywhere and across most industries, whether
it's in technology, communications, marketing, media, manufacturing,
services or consumer goods. Disruption is becoming the norm rather than
the exception. B2B relationships are deeply effected, as well, with new
and often challenging standards of openness, transparency, collaboration
and inter-connectivity quickly emerging. The future is likely to
require hyper-collaboration rather than (just) competition, non-linear
thinking, crowd-sourced innovation, and circular business model

Enjoy and spread the word!

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