The Future of Film: My Talk @ Neuchatel International Film Festival: slides, video, audio

Picture 59I had the great pleasure to be invited to speak at the Neuchatel International Film Festival (Switzerland), yesterday (July 7, 2010) during their Symposium on ‘Imaging the Future‘. I covered a lot of ground in my talk, ranging from how film / media consumers have changed, to mobility and the (r)evolution of new user interfaces, to the impact of social media, to crowd-funding to the art of getting and converting attention, to the link economy in the content industries, to next-generation business models in the creative sectors.

Below is the slideshow, the self-recorded video (we’ll have a better take from the NIFF hopefully soon) and the audio version of my talk. Enjoy… and share;). You can download a lot more videos via my GerdTube channel on (incl. video podcast feed for iTunes). You can download the high-resolution PDF via Slideshare or just use this quick-low-res version: PDF: Future of Film Gerd Leonhard NIFF low res

Gerd Leonhard- The Future Of Film NIFF

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