New video: my talk at TedX London: the future of intellectual property and copyright

It didn't take long for the TedX NewStreet (London) people to put the videos online at the TedX Youtube channel – great! Unfortunately my own talk got started while the wireless microphone was still on 'mute' so for the first minute or so (while I am doing my introduction) the audio recording was quite bad.

Therefore, I edited the video and scrubbed  those 60 seconds; the result is below (using my own GerdTube / Blip.TV channel  *you can get the iTunes podcast feed here). The original TedX Youtube version is below, as well, as is the slideshow, from my previous post. I think I really touched on some very important issues here, and I would be delighted to hear your thoughts on them. Fire away via Twitter, or Facebook, or comment below. And spread the word. Thanks.

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