Monetizing music in the digital age: meet me in Nashville on March 1, 2011 (Berklee Alumn event)

Berklee I am delighted to announce that I will be giving a rare talk & presentation in Nashville (TN, USA) on March 1, 2011.  This event is open for all Berklee College of Music alumni (Berklee is my alma mater, too) but I do have some spaces available for guests, as well, so… ping me if you are interested or email the Berklee people, below. Facebook page. Berklee Alumni page. Twitter buzz. Plancast listing.

Some more details:  Berklee alumnus Gerd Leonhard ’87 will be conducting a workshop for Berklee Alumni called “Monetizing Music in a Connected Society.” To officially RSVP, please email

“We are moving quickly in a globally networked society: information…(and content) travels ever more quickly around the globe, more and more voices are and artists are asking to be heard, and more music is being published every single day. In a world where people access music like the flow of music like water from the faucet, where music is ubiquitous and available in the cloud, anytime, how do you build your audience, how do you cut through the noise, how to you make money with attention, and how will you make a living in 5 years? Will human creativity be rewarded or will computers start writing songs that other computers ‘like’ and retweet? Gerd will present some key learnings and foresight, and will share some ideas about where things are going, and how can make a living with music, in the immediate future….”

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