Short video interview from Future Media Days Norway: The Future of Media (via Betatales)

BetaTales's John Einar Sandvand did a short but concise interview with me, during my engagement at Future Media Days Norway (Oslo), November 16, 2010 (see the slides / pdf, here).  A snippet:  

"One of the most important trends is the transformation from a Copy Economy to Access Economy. Traditionally media business models have been based on selling copies of content: A printed newspaper, a book, a DVD, a music record, even a digital copy of a song. That model is about to disappear, claims Leonhard. He compares Internet to a giant copy machine. Selling “copies” is a model of the past. Instead the entire world shifts to a world of access. If you are in the media industry you better get used to this. It is a whole new industry…."   Read more.

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