New presentation: the future of business in a connected world (FPA Boston)

Screen shot 2011-03-03 at 19.17.55 This is an edited version of my presentation given at the Financial Planning Association’s Business Solutions Conference in Boston (twitter stream here). In my 45-minute talk (the audio version will be available, soon, I hope) I talked about how business is changing from being ‘egosystems‘ i.e. centralized, empire-dominated, in-silos, in-broadcast-mode and top-down, to networked, mobile, social, decentralized and inter-connected. 

I am showing some examples of successful networked businesses and what makes them tick, plus I comment on so-called Social Media and why it goes much beyond having a facebook page or a blog. I discuss how to deal with disruption, fragmented market places and ultra-empowered ‘consumers’, and point towards curation, filtering and added values as the strategy for success. 

A truly networked business is the only way to prosper, going forward.  Enjoy. Share.

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