Stop the SOPA / Protect IP act: sign the petition!!

This is really worrisome (quoting Cory Doctorow via BoingBoing): 

Screen Shot 2011-11-16 at 11.36.16 AM"PROTECT IP (S. 968)/SOPA (HR. 3261) creates the first system for Internet censorship – this bill has sweeping provisions that give the government and corporations leeway and legal cover for taking down sites "by accident," mistakenly, or for NOT doing "enough" to protect the interests of Hollywood. These bills that are moving very quickly through Congress and can pass before Christmas aim to give the US government and corporations the ability to block sites over infringing links posted by their users and give ISPs the release to take any means to block peoples' sites, including slowing down your connection. That's right, some say this bill is a workaround to net neutrality and is bigger than net neutrality. This is the worst piece of Internet legislation in history – the lawmakers who have been sponsoring (Leahy, Lamar Smith, Conyers) this bill need to be shamed by the Internet community for wasting taxpayer dollars on a bill that would break the very fabric of the Internet, create an Internet blacklist, kill jobs and great startup companies, huge blogs, and social networks…"

To all my US-based readers: sign the petition and talk to your congressman.

Take action. And then get rid of whoever cooked this up. Visit the Mozilla/Sopa site

Watch this video to find out more:

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