About Facebook – and their upcoming IPO (io9 piece and nice infographic)

A few days ago, I contributed a few comments to an io9 piece on the future of Facebook – read the whole thing here. Douglas Rushkoff is also quoted (and needless to say, he has a slightly different opinion on Facebook:)

Here are some of my quotes:

"Facebook has a bright future," as long as it can stay "human and open," contends Gerd Leonhard, founder of Green Futurist and author of The Future of Content. "Facebook is infrastructure now, like a highway, or water." He predicts Facebook will rival Google in terms of revenues within three years, and already rivals Google for importance. The main challenge Facebook will face is user fatigue, as it adds more and more services and forms of content…but Leonhard notes that real relationships will always be about the combination of offline and online encounters. And as "offline" and "online" converge, we will stop thinking of them so much as two separate places. People will also be more likely to start grooming their Facebook pages more carefully, and "personal branding will become more of an art form."

In addition, someone just emailed me this illustration below, on what the expect of the Facebook IPO – good fit. Enjoy and RT:)


 Facebook IPO
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