Must-read: Spotify’s Daniel Ek: The Most Important Man In Music – Forbes (but are they licensed to kill?)

Spotify not licensed 2 killRead this nice piece, below.

I love spotify and am addicted to it, and Daniel is cool, but here is the key question: can the seriously ingrained Egonomics of the music industry really be changed by Daniel Ek? Can artists and technology companies actually cooperate for a win-win-win solution, without resorting to power tactics? Can some kind of ecosystem be build in a space where ego ruled since the days of Elvis ? You tell me.

IMHO, as the image conveys, I don't think Spotify will ultimately be allowed ie licensed to kill the CD or the unit-sale-centric business model of the traditional music industry. Many artists don't agree with this trend and demand more money, now, from Spotify (utter foolishness, of course – talk about killing the golden goose), many publishers and rights societies (such as GEMA) live in a different universe and have nothing better to do than to strangle technology innovators like Spotify and Youtube with last-century licensing provisions, and the telcos don't care enough to get engaged. We'll see.

Spotify and Daniel Ek: The Most Important Man In Music – Forbes

…The music industry has been waiting more than a decade for Ek. Or more specifically, someone—anyone—who could build something (a) more enticing to consumers than piracy while (b) providing a sustainable revenue model

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