Article: Why Kodak’s bankruptcy should scare Nokia (gigaom)

Toxic assumptions perkinThe "Fear of cannibalizing your existing business for the sake of the future" can indeed kill you. In other words, unwillingness to question your assumptions is deadly.

Why Kodak’s bankruptcy should scare Nokia — Tech News and Analysis

"As my friend Pip Coburn says, turnarounds never turn. Kodak has been in restructuring mode for 15 years – cutting headcount, closing factories, tightening belts and squeezing rocks for blood. In other words — the company isn’t fat in a traditional sense. But why none of its strategies worked was because the company took too long and sat on its duff watching digital photography come and eat it for a mid-day snack even though Kodak R&D helped with the digital photo revolution when it launched the first digital camera in 1975. And yet they failed to do what one of their major competitors – FujiFilm did — embrace digital with both arms and is now thriving. And when Kodak finally did embrace digital in 1993 it did with hesitance that comes when companies are afraid to cannibalize their existing businesses for the sake of the future…."

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