Kickstarter – Funding to Turn Passions into Businesses (Forbes)

Kickstarter crowdfunding filmsI tend to agree with sentiment – crowd funding is becoming feasible. Nevertheless, it can be a very brutal experience for those who try it and fail, so… Beware of your expectations. Giving money is the utmost expression of giving attention, in a way, but it is also crossing a border between non-rivalrous goods and rivalrous goods.

Kickstarter – Funding to Turn Passions into Businesses – Forbes

"I’m a huge fan of the Kickstarter service and have backed several projects because I believe in what they are doing. The reason I’m a huge fan is they make it possible for a new company to get off the ground without angel or venture capital investment. More so, you can test a concept with little risk (on all sides) and tweak before you start manufacturing. This is enormously important in this economy, perhaps in any economy, because it is the enabler of an idea that myself and many others have hoped for. Kevin Kelly, of Wired fame and many other accomplishments, wrote a post a few years back called 1,000 True Fans and it he explains how an artist, inventor, creator, maker could build a viable following and thus a business by finding 1,000 True Fans. This is not far off given the trajectory of Kickstarter…"

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