Facebook is cable TV…without the cable. “Big Content” – read this.

I have blogged about this many times: social networks are the next broadcasters, and many content creators will start going direct, both for distribution as well as for funding. And we will use networks like facebook mostly on mobile devices – 3 Billion of them, soon.

How Facebook could remake the entertainment industry – The Washington Post

"Two years ago, Hollywood talent agent Ari Emanuel made a remarkable statement about the future of media. He said he could see a time when certain movies premiered on FaFacebook-tv social adweek-2011cebook instead of in theaters. “For the $150 million movie, you’ll still need to go to Warner Brothers, but for the $25 million movie, probably not,” he said at a San Francisco conference. After a decade of war with Silicon Valley, big chunks of Hollywood’s establishment are thinking about technology differently. Instead of freaking out about how high-tech companies will drain their pockets, Hollywood executives are increasingly looking at deals with firms such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon as a way to line them. As we spend more time online — almost as much time as we spend watching television, according to Morgan Stanley — these companies are becoming TV networks for the digital age. They are hugely valuable advertising and distribution engines for Hollywood content…"

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