Must-read: Jeremy Rifkin: Energy-sharing is the new internet (Wired UK)

This is precisely where technology and energy issues intersect. Brilliant. Reading his book right now, btw.

Jeremy Rifkin: Energy-sharing is the new internet (Wired UK)

"The TIR will lay the foundations for a collaborative age. Its completion will signal the end of a 200-year commercial saga characterised by industrious thinking, entrepreneurial markets and mass workforces, and the beginning of a new era marked by collaborative behaviour, social networks and boutique professional and technical workforces. In the coming half-century, conventional, centralised business operations will be increasingly subsumed by the distributed business practices of the TIR; and the traditional, hierarchical organisation of power will give way to lateral power organised nodally across society…"  

PS: also be sure to read Collaborative Consumption by Rachel Botsman

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