Nice video: Drivelapse USA – 5 Minute Roadtrip Around America

If you have spend any time traveling in the US, and love 'the road' or road-movies this is for you! Nice sound-track, too (see below). The California / San Francisco footage is particularly nice imho.


From the author / film-maker "American Roadtrip Timelapse / Drivelapse video from my 12,225 mile cross country roadtrip around the USA from August 2011 – October 2011 compressed into 5 minutes. Turn on annotations to see what state is being displayed in the video More details and a map of my cross country America Roadtrip Timelapse Drivelapse Project can be found here. 

Check out night and day timelapses from my USA roadtrip here

Music Credits: Waking Lights – "The Sounds"
Download "The Sounds" here

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