Good read: LukeW | Josh Clark: Busting Mobile Myths

A lot of good bottom lines in this piece, below. I caught myself thinking about mobile in many of the ways Luke describes. Time to change that.

LukeW | Josh Clark: Busting Mobile Myths

Myth: Mobile Users are Rushed & Distracted 7.1 billion mobile devices

We started with an over-simplified almost condescending view of mobile users. But there’s lots of different modes of mobile use. Fast, distracted use is a big part of mobile but it’s not the only use. For example 40% of people use in the bathroom. The assumption everyone is hurried leads us to strip out important features. Example: Alibris is differentiated by selling out-of-print & rare books but they stripped this feature out of the mobile experience. Intentionally. Because they assumed people would not make commitments to pricey books online. At the same time, eBay mobile sells thousands of cars on mobile. 25% of adult mobile users in the US rarely ever use the desktop to get online. That’s 8% of US adults that exclusively use the mobile Web. They need access to your core functionality.

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