Data is the New Oil – The Journey from Privacy to Publicy. Special event in SF April 10!

Is data today’s key global resource? Futurists Gerd Leonhard, Stowe Boyd, Jamias Cascio and Andreas Wiegend debate the idea.

10 Apr 2012 from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM Pacific Time

Practical Information:

730 Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA 94111
This event has a registration fee of $10

Data is exploding all around us: every 'like,' check-in, tweet, click, and play is being logged and mined. Many data-centric companies such as Google are already paying us for our data by providing more or less free services.

Join leading futurists at swissnex in a debate co-organized by Switzerland’s The Futures Agency (TFA) on data as today’s key global resource.

Is data the new oil? TFA CEO Gerd Leonhard leads fellow thinkers Stowe Boyd, Jamias Cascio, and Andreas Wiegend in an exchange on where data is going, and how we are going along with it.

Data will become a key currency, as it is a virtually limitless, non-rival, and exponentially growing good. Do we need regulations or trust frameworks to deal with it? Can data really be safeguarded in an entirely free-market system governed by commercial interests? What will Generation AO (always-on) share with whom, when, where, and how? And if data is the new oil, how do we avoid wars and global conflicts fought over it?



6:30 pm doors open
7:00 pm welcome & presentations
8:15 pm discussion and Q&A
9:00 pm reception and networking
10:30 pm doors close


Join my 3 fellow futurists and me for this hot-topic event!!

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