Interesting Article: The 5 Most Over-Hyped “Future of TV” Topics | TechCrunch

Some good points below – made me think. The scenario is quite a bit different in Europe, Asia and the developing countries, though. Does anyone have a take on this?The 5 Most Over-Hyped “Future of TV” Topics | TechCrunch

Auntie May just cancelled cable and bought a Roku, what the what? Cable is doomed, it’s like newspapers and the music industry. Slow down folks, not so fast. First and foremost, not a single report from any credible source has ever painted a picture that cord cutting is having, nor will have, any impact on the industry. At an average price of $80/month, cable (and satellite and telco, but I’ll just say cable from this point forward – less typing), is about the best deal in entertainment you can find on a dollars/hour basis. Most Roku, WDTV, and Apple TV owners still have a paid cable service, as do most Netflix and Hulu subscribers.

Additionally, the reason TV != music is about distribution and lockup agreements. Sure, artists had labels, and labels distributed their music via CDs to retail stores, and there are a lot of analogies to the TV industry. Except for the lockups, bundles, affiliates, and a dozen or so other participants in the TV production-to-consumption cycle. TV shows can’t start their own distribution service – because 90% of TV shows are made by the folks who own the distribution side. And the networks can’t just go direct to consumers, they’d sacrifice huge amounts of money to do so. Like billions huge. And for what? To directly engage with (read: provide customer service for) people who get pissy if their DVR cuts off the end credits one time on a show they don’t even care about. Yeah, sounds great. This is highly related to Death Topic 5 below, so more in a moment.

Gerd Leonhard

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