The Open Web Is Dead – Long live the Open Web. Good read by Chris Saad: lead don’t just cheerlead !

Insightful post, below. Main point for me: LEAD don't just cheerlead 😉

The Open Web Is Dead – Long live the Open Web | Chris Saad

Lead not just cheerlead
In our obsession with being seen by our micro-audiences as ‘thought leaderStruggle open closeds’ or ‘futurists’ it’s always very tempting to watch which way the wind is blowing and shout loudly that THERE is the future. Like a weather vane, it’s easy to point the way the wind is blowing, but our biggest, best opportunity is not to declare a popular service ‘the next big thing’ just because a few visible people are hanging out there. Rather our collective and individual responsibility is to help articulate a direction we think moves the state of the art forward for both the web and for society at large. Something, as leaders of this field, we believe in. Just like VCs develop an investment thesis, we should all have a vision for where the web is going (and how it should get there) and actively seek out, support and promote quiet heros who are building something that moves the needle in the right direction.

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