The Permanent Disruption of Social Media – and what it means for NGOs (MustRead :)

The Permanent Disruption of Social Media – and what it means for NGOs *MustRead 🙂.

Great piece on how social media is changing NGOs and NPOs and the entire business of donations. MUST READ.

Key point: re-defining contributions:))

When organizations emphasize financial donations as the primary means of support, they may be doing so at the risk of discouraging other types of supportive activities—many of which have the ability to expand significantly the influence of the person at the center of the vortex, and therefore increase the contributions of others. There is a parallel shift occurring in the for-profit sector, as more and more consumers turn to social media and online channels to talk about and share their experiences with products and services. As Paul Smith and Ze Zook wrote in their book Marketing Communications , “the ideal customer, or most valuable customer, does not have to be someone who buys a lot. The ideal customer could be an influencer who is a small irregular buyer but who posts ratings and reviews, as the reviews could influence another 100 buyers”

The new model of contribution should incorporate the following characteristics of donor engagement:

  • Allows for a donor to be engaged at different entry points and to move easily between them during the life cycle of his engagement
  • Has no fixed end point for a donor’s engagement
  • Allows for the donor-engagement footprint to expand or contract in ways that are unique to and driven by the individual donor
  • Places the donor’s needs—not the organization’s—at the center of the engagement
  • Accounts for the influence of other people on the strength of the donor-organization relationship…



NGO 2.0

Donor 2.0

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