Why Jazz Is Now Live On The Internet – ShowGo.tv is here

Check out this interview and the video below, with my friend Brian Gruber, talking about his ShowGo.tv project. I am delighted to serve as advisor to Brian and Showgo.tv, btw:)

Keen On… ShowGo.tv: Why Jazz Is Now Live On The Internet | TechCrunch.

Is the Internet ready for live music? Serial entrepreneur Brian Gruber thinks it is. With his latest startup ShowGo.tv, Gruber has created an online music experience in which we can watch live jazz from “the coolest places on earth”. Gruber, who founded Fora.tv back in 2005, told me that he believes the time is now right – both in technological and business terms – to launch the live musical experience online. Having raised a “few hundred thousand” dollars, he’s put cameras in some of the most illustrious jazz clubs around the world including Yoshi’s in San Francisco, the Blue Note in Milan, the Hideaway in London and Mint in Los Angeles. Streaming the music live on ShowGo.tv (it currently works on iOS with an Android app in the pipeline), Gruber has introduced both an a la carte and a monthly $5 all-you-eat subscription model. And he is now raising a new round of financing, so he can put more cameras in more clubs and capture what he calls the “untapped content” of the world’s finest live music.

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