In the Multiscreen World, Context Is King (Nikesh Arora via Harvard Business Review)

Some very good snippets here, see below – Context is King, indeed.

In the Multiscreen World, Context Is King – Nikesh Arora – Harvard Business Review.

Part of the reason for this is that we can no longer deduce a customer’s context purely by the device she is using. We used to assume that your mobile meant you were on the go, your tablet meant you were at home on the sofa, and your desktop meant you were at work, but this is no longer accurate. These devices are now bleeding into new realms and your behavior is very different depending on the context in which you’re using the device. Think about your own life. You might email on your laptop in front of the TV and simultaneously use your tablet to look up a takeout menu, or listen to music. Don’t believe me? Spend time with a 16 year old!  Today, most people constantly switch between devices in order to stay connected. And despite advertisers’ initial concerns, consumer eyeballs are not necessarily being “lost” from one screen to another. Rather than splitting a finite number of hours across a greater number of screens, consumers are often using multiple screens simultaneously. This is the new multiscreen world…. This year, Super Bowl ads on YouTube were watched more than 76 million times before game day and we saw a total of 200 million views on 100 video ads and teasers tied to the Super Bowl…Context-aware ads create a connection, they entertain, inspire and influence. They don’t feel like an intrusion because they provide a great experience that’s based on the user’s context. So rather than focus solely on the device as the centerpiece of your next campaign, go a level or two deeper to examine the context. That’s where the opportunities lie in today’s multiscreen world.

Images below mostly via Google’s Multi-Screen world report, available as PDF, here


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