New Video: the Future of Learning – my presentation at Learning Technologies 2013 in London


This video is an edited version of the official video, without the intro and the audience discussion. You can also watch this video with some pretty fancy slideshow overlays here.  Thanks to Donald and the team at LTUK for making this video available to me!

Topics covered include the future of Social-Local-Mobile learning, new technologies that impact learning and training, the future of universities and institutions, new definitions of Learning… and much more.  You can download the slides here, or just go to (my dropbox shared folder) to download it and many other presos and my free books. Enjoy.

Btw: you can download most of my videos by simply subscribing to this iTunes video feed (via    Audio-only versions are being made available here: or on the web at  My vimeo channel is here: (also allows downloads)

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