What the Marketing Agency of the Future Will Do Differently (HBR)

Listen up, Agency People:)

What the Marketing Agency of the Future Will Do Differently – Mitch Joel – Harvard Business Review.

Content as media. Content was used as chum for brands. Brands blog, podcast, tweet, post and more in hopes of drawing consumers over to their home base (which was — and still is — littered with marketing calls to action). As native advertising models continue to be introduced and the ability for brands to do something that will resonate with consumers gets more difficult due to the crowded social platforms, content becomes another form of media. Some agencies are helping brands to create their own, authentic newsrooms within an organization while other agencies are building their own newsrooms to help brands create more relevant and original pieces of content that don’t look, smell or act like a press release or advertorial. Content as media become a natural extension of an agencies’ ability to help tell a better and more connected brand narrative.

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