The Future of Marketing and Advertising in a Nutshell

This eMarketer piece says it all, pretty much; pic below concocted by me. This is pretty much a global trend – the question is not IF but WHEN.

As marketers deal with an increasingly fractured media landscape, they will continue to shift their focus away from traditional media to digital channels, according to a poll of US marketing professionals conducted by Inavero for staffing firm Aquent and the American Marketing Association (AMA). Traditional mass media once offered marketers the benefit of reach, but now, fragmented and dwindling audiences, as well as comparatively cruder metrics, have led marketers to focus their efforts on digital media. Print media has suffered the greatest loss of interest, with about three in 10 respondents to the October through November 2012 survey expecting their organizations to decrease attention paid to newspapers and consumer magazines in 2013. More than one out of five respondents even expected TV to see decreased attention…


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