Meet me at the EBU’s Vision 2020 Trends conference, May 31 2013, in Brussels: How can public service media (PSM) remain indispensable to audiences & stakeholders in 2020?

I will give a talk and in general contribute to the European Broadcasters’ Vision 2020 Trends conference in Brussels, Belgium, on May 31, 2013.  If you are interested in the future of public media do take a look. I will be joined by 2 great colleagues and inspiring speakers, Ben Hammersley and Alan Moore – should be a good day!

“How can public service media (PSM) remain indispensable to their audiences and stakeholders in 2020?Europe’s public service media face significant change in the next decade. Through the Vision 2020 project, EBU Members have embarked on an exciting journey to investigate how PSM can adapt and best serve their audiences, using trend analysis and the collective experience of experts in media consumption, programming strategies, content, socio-demographics, media policies and technology….”

Some related imagery below:)

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