Interesting Chart: So Is The Paywall Hype Cooling Off? Like I keep saying: Paywill NOT Paywall

I just ran across this nice chart below; via Chart: The Paywall Effect Is Cooling Off | Statista.  I’ve said this many times in the past few years, and now it kinda sorta seems like the new NYT Chief Mark Thompson agrees with me on this…maybe. The bottom line: in a global, digital and SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) society you really can’t force people to pay, you have to ATTRACT them to pay – Paywill not Paywall. Added values not added pain. Reason to Buy – not reason to leave; read Mike Mesnick at Techdirt on this topic.

Examples: The Economist, The Atlantic, Popular Mechanic, Der Spiegel.

Related PDF: Here is the INMA Essay I wrote on The Future of Content in a Connected Economy, back in 2010:  The Future of Content in a Connected World – INMA 2010 Gerd Leonhard-essay

The New York Times Company obviously acknowledges the problem, as it released a note alongside its earnings report introducing a “new strategy for growth”. In the hope to re-accelerate digital subscriber growth, the company announced the introduction of lower-priced digital subscription models to expand its potential audience. Furthermore the company announced that videos will henceforth be excempt from the paywall, in an attempt to build a larger video audience and improve advertising sales.

A quick slideshow of related ‘wisdoms’ and realizations, with my 2 cents on this, below:


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