The next 5 years in Mobile (i.e. everything;) – new slideshow from Mobile Convention Amsterdam

Here is the slideshow I used for my presentation at the Mobile Convention in Amsterdam on May 23rd.

A video should be available soon, as well.  Details of my talk:

“Next Five years in Mobile “Marketing as we know it is over. More than ever mobile devices are becoming our ears, eyes and brains. ‘Nowness’ takes its toll.” Says Gerd Leonhard, (media)Futurist and one of the keynote speakers during Mobile Convention Amsterdam on the 22nd and 23th of May in the Beurs van Berlage. Leonhard states that marketers are nowadays looking at gauging feelings and pleasure by using electronic gadgets that can read brain activity.  Leonhard reveals several interesting mobile developments in the future, for example about Google Glass and Over-the-top-content (OTT), what these developments mean for consumers and marketers and whether or not ‘offline’ the new luxury is.

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