My mobile App (Futurist) will be discontinued – the mobile web has won over

This is just a quick note to let you know that I will not be keeping my Futurist iOS / Android app, going forward. While I have 6000+ users on this app I feel that I cannot give it enough attention to make it truly unique and worthy for my users; in addition this new site (i.e. what you are reading right now) is totally mobile optimized, with a responsive design, and 90% of what my users could get on the app is now also available right here.  A recent poll of my app users has also not been very conclusive on this issue (to say the least) so I kind of figure it’s not really a must-have item. I hope you agree?  Please comment below. Anyway – if you are using my, feel free to delete it and bookmark instead 🙂

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